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Aircraft maintenance

4THRUST now offers line maintenance, parking and storage including delivery and CAMO, modifications, training and logistics services at partner airports in Poland, across Europe and Middle East.

Our services include

Line maintenance

Line Maintenance is performed by 4THRUST, trusted maintenance service provider established by ALL4JETS with EASAFAA, UK CAA & 2-REG (Guernsey) approvals.

As an independent maintenance services provider, we extended our current Part-145 certificate PL.145.111 to aircraft line maintenance services.

The types we have included in our capabilities are:

* including ‘600 version’

We are able to provide line maintenance services to our customers at any airport globally.

Our line aircraft maintenance engineers are on standby 24/7 and 365 days a year to handle also any request not only from airlines but lessors and financing institutions or insurers too in case situation like redelivery or AOG.

Through partnership and ownership structure we not only able to maintain your aircraft but also train engineers inhouse and support our customers with spare parts and tooling as well as CAMO and different airworthiness services like ARC and parking/storage.

Technical Handling 

We are offering AOG services, A check, Transit/pre-flight check, Daily check, line checks, weekly checks and malfunction elimination. Please contact us if you want to sign agreement to cover above line maintenance services with 4THRUST.

Assistance Services

We are offering support services to customers and operations such as overseeing fueling, headset, anti / de-icing supervision and more.

On-Call Maintenance

We are also offering on call maintenance services to remove various malfunctions found on the aircraft in AOG situations and our staff can be quickly deployed to the aircraft to solve any problem.

Maintenance services proposition

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